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by ubhie

"Are you asleep yet?" you mutter, touching the side of Ed’s cheek lightly with your pointer finger.

A small smile plays on your features as you watch Ed’s eyes flutter open.

As he looks up at you, he chuckles, “No, Flo, but if I was you would have woken me up.”

Grinning, you look down, “Sorry. I just felt lonely.”

His face then switched from amused to concerned, “Come here, babe.”

Snuggling up to him, he encloses his arms around you, making you feel safe and warm.

Kissing your cheek softly. Your eyes flutter closed as you begin to relax in Ed’s arms, snuggling into the crook of his neck. Fitting perfectly as if he were made for you.

"Ed?" you whisper.

"Mm?" he mumbles back, nudging you a little with his head.


Although it was dark, you could feel him smile.

"Goodnight, Flo. I love you."

For Flo.

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