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my-tamble-divo-sqn: I wonder if you can make a smut harry he is having sex with his wife pregnant.

You people are so strange lmao (in a funny quirky way?)

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i hope manners is the next cool trend


I may have just found the best thing

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// look at my hair, gotta love the way you love yourself // x


// look at my hair, gotta love the way you love yourself // x
nialltwerkhoran: Niall's girlfriend taking Niall to go meet her parent's and the parent's left them alone and Niall .. gets it in quick ...

"Don’t worry,babe" Niall whispers soothingly, a confidence that only he could have in such a traditionally horrifying situation: meeting the parents. With a small smile, he continues, "It will be fine."
With a swift but loud knock on the door it is swung open and you are greeted with wide smiles and embarrassing hugs, ushered in to the house by your (overly) adoring parents.
“It’s amazing to see you!” Your mother gushes, “but actually, even though we were fully expecting your arrival we must now leave. Don’t get up to anything naughty while we’re out!” Without another word they were gone, out the door, and the house was yours for an extended period of time.
“See” Niall says happily, “piece of cake.” A dark shadow then fell across his face as he looks you up and down. With a creepy wink, he grabs your hand and pulls you into an embrace, resting his hands on your bottom, “now let’s have sex,baby. Nothing turns me on more than being in your parents house. I want to defile all their things and respect.”
“You’re so sexy when you speak recklessly” you purr, being turned on instantly, “let’s do it right here, baby.”
And with that, you and Niall frick frack on the family dinner table.
“You like that, don’t you?” Niall groans as his climax nears and his thrusts become shallow and rough. With one long exhale he enters his contents into you.
“How was that, baby” he winks.
“I didn’t finish.”

The end

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fanficwriterelena: Hey, I just saw what you said about selfharm and not to romanticize it and I just wanted to say that you're absolutely right! It shouldn't be taken as lightly as it is these days (certainly in fanfiction). But I just wanted to say that some people need fantasies to get through reality (my best friend being one of them). She asked me for a series of one shots, just to have it written out forever that there would always be someone who cared about her. Some people need it to be 'romanticized'... :)

No, people need to realize it’s not right and they need to stop harming themselves. I respect what you’re saying, in a way, but If she really does have an actual legitimate problem, she should seek help in real people.

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marcelissmexy: Heyy can you do one where you tell one of the boys that you either cut yourself or tried to kill yourself? Thanks love xx Liv

No, because self harm isn’t something that should be romanticized :)

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Send me imagine requests :)

Not personals. Just ideas you would like to see.

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